System description

The system with thermal insulation is assigned for external building elements. The width of frames is 90-142 mm and for sashes 40 mm. Analogically to SLIDING 600 the offer contains double and triple track frames.

Characteristics of system

- precise relation to other Ponzio systems
- fillings: 4-26 mm

aluminium profiles
EN AV-6060 according to PN-EN 573-3/ T66 according to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 according to DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1
single or packet window panels with any kind of glass or opaque panels
surface finishing
powder coating with polyester on chromate undercoater accoording to Qualicoat standards, any RAL colour at choice; anodized in colours: natutal aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, old gold, brown - according to Qualanoad standards, lacquered for colour imitated wood
synthetic caoutchouc EPDM according to DIN 7863 and standard according to DIN ISO 3302-1, E2
connecting accessories
corner joints, screws, tap bolts, aluminium washers, inox or galvanized
only dedicated furnitures
permissions and quality certificates
Type tests according PN-EN 14351


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