Curtain wall of transom post system PF 152 of fire resistance. Received a classification system for fire resistance of curtain walls in the full configuration. After the tests, during heatin from internal and external, was selected to the class EI 60 and EI 30.

The system can perform fire curtain wall-bars between the glass storey and opaque storey. As a fulfillment of transparent glass can be used in fireproof classes EI 30 or EI 60 (single or combined), most manufacturers in the market. Internal aluminium shapes enhance the contributions fireproof with special transom post connectors provide design load in fire conditions. Swelling tape protects joints and seals the thermal connection between the structure ang the glass, or other opaque fills, creating an element of fire resistance and insulation.

Permissions and quality certificates:

1561/10/R03NP "Classification of fire resistance of curtain walling system is in full PF 152


pf152eizoom pf152eiprzekroj


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